Metal Works  is an active company on the Romanian market, offering complete solutions for a large range of applications of industrial buildings and civil engineering. The company is specialized in the design, manufacturing and assembly of prefabricated metallic structures, prefabricated concrete structures and enclosures using sandwich panels.

Another important field of activity is the execution of steel concrete infrastructure and superstructure works, using its own qualified staff and subcontracted teams if necessary. Metal Works  SRL brings innovation on the Romanian constructions market, as well as a different approach to the client-contractor relationship, one that is based on constant communication, availability and flexibility.

With its three departments, Metal Works SRL can see you through the whole implementation process of your investment, from the project to the completion stage, providing the following specialized services:


  • Supporting structures (metallic, steel concrete, mixed)
  • Architecture
  • Feasibility studies
  • Counseling in attracting structural funds
  • Installations (electrical and lowcurrents, sanitation, water supply, fire extinguishing and HVAC)
  • Tender documentations
  • Technical projects
  • Technical documentation necessary for obtaining the building permit
  • Obtaining the building permit
  • Urban planning (zonal urban plan or detailed urban plan)
  • Geotechnical surveys
  • Land surveys

Land surveys

  • structures made of laminated profiles
  • structures made of welded sheet profiles
  • grid beams


  • structural works
    • foundation works
    • troweled concretefloors
    • metallic structures
    • concrete structures
    • mixed structures: metallic and concrete
  • platings
    • sandwich panels (polyurethane, mineral wool, polystyrene core)
    • structural liner trays
    • corrugated sheet
    • roofs with corrugated sheet, mineral wool and hydro insulating (PVC or bitumen) membrane
    • AlucoBond, ReynoBond, Trespaplatings etc.
  • finishes
  • welding
  • works regarding installations
    • electrical works
    • lowcurrents (voice, data, alarm systems)
    • HVAC
    • sanitation
    • water installations for fire extinguishing systems
    • water supply and sewage installations
  • roads, platforms and parking lots