Metal Works  specialists are at your disposal, from the very first contact, helping you find the best building solution and during the development and implementation of your projects.

Metal Works  may ensure, using its own teams or partner companies, general contracting jobs, design (including approval, obtaining the building permit) and execution works (using the “Design and Build” system) or other work packages described below.

Servicii proiectare hale industriale

With a vast experience in designing and supervising works during the execution period, the Metal Works design team can see you through the whole design and approval process

Productie structuri metalice hala

With tools and equipment that allow manufacturing at high quality standards and a production capacity of 150 tons/month, Metal Works can execute a complete range of metallic structures

Montaj structuri metalice hale

Using its own teams of workers and technicians and the experience acquired from the manufacture and assembly of over 10,000 tons of ironworks on various sites such as industrial buildings

Realizare lucrari din beton hala

Benefiting from a 7-year experience in civil engineering, industrial and agricultural constructions, with a team of experienced construction workers and suppliers of materials

Inchideri pereti si acoperis hala industriala

Using its own installation teams and benefiting from an experience as a result of over 2,000,000 sqm of enclosures, Metal Works can offer you complete solutions for enclosures

Alpinism utilitar hale

Metal Works provides rope access services, guaranteeing high quality performance. Using a modern rope system, we can reach difficult access areas with minimal disturbance.

Construire hala la cheie pret forfetar

Metal Works may ensure, using its own team of specialists in the field, as well as its partner companies, general contracting jobs for the execution projects that the client assigns

Placare pereti hala metalica

Metal Works can provide various service packages based on works contracts: Execution of interior finishes, Supply and assembly of sectional doors, access doors, fire-resistant