Using its own teams of workers and technicians and the experience acquired from the manufacture and assembly of over 10,000 tons of ironworks on various sites such as industrial buildings , office buildings, showrooms and workshops, storage warehouses, logistics centers etc., Metal Works can offer you, among other service packages, the assembly of your prefabricated structures, as follows: 
  • Assembly of metallic structures made of laminated profiles

  • Assembly of grid beams

  • Assembly of metallic structures made of welded sheet profiles with variable section

  • Assembly of Z or C-profile panes and laths

  • Assembly of laminated profiles panes and laths

  • Assembly of prefabricated mixed structures – concrete columnsand beams, panes, laths, bracings etc. with metallic structure

  • Assembly of beams for the crane guide rails

  • Assembly of cranes

  • Assembly of trestle bridges

  • Assembly of light ironworks

With a young and qualified staff, authorized for working at height, Metal Works is able to meet the most demanding requirements in the field and help you complete your project while ensuring a short construction time, high quality and a competitive price