Metal Works  has its own manufacturing facility for prefabricated metallic structures.

With tools and equipment that allow manufacturing at high quality standards and a production capacity of 150 tons/month, Metal Works  can execute a complete range of metallic structures:

  • metallic structures made of laminated profiles
  • grid beams
  • metallic structures made of welded sheet profiles with variable section

The metallic structures manufactured by Metal Works combine aesthetics with high durability thanks to the high degree of anti-corrosion protection.

The quality control of the welded joints and the nondestructive testing reports (ultrasounds and penetrating liquids control) are carried out by specialized staff in a testing laboratory certified by GermanischerLloyd.

The welding procedures for the metallic structures are certified by TUV Austria. The qualified welding staff is also certified by TUV Austria.

The structural elements are welded using MIG-MAG welding machines, with solid wire electrode, Φ 1.2 mm, with CO2 shielding gas.

Plates and gussets are cut using CNC plasma machines.

The position drilling of profiles is carried out using a magnetic drilling machine

The continuous welding beads are executed using Weldicar (welding robots)

The nondestructive testing reports (ultrasounds and penetrating liquids control) shall be attached to the Building Log Book together with the welding logs and other documents (measuring sheets, certificates of conformity, etc.).

The metallic structures are manufactured by Metal Works according to the European Union standards and the regulatory documents and legislation applicable in Romania.

Our structures can meet all the client specifications, from alkyd paint protection systems to epoxy paint or galvanization protection systems.